Upcoming Events

Speed Dating Program, 9/29

1 Social Credit

On Tuesday, September 29 from 6:30-7:00 PM, we will be having our second speed dating meeting of the year, we hope to see you all there to get to know each other!

Each week we will facilitate 1 call between 2 participants, and will rotate who you speak with throughout the semester. The calls will be no more than 30 minutes, and will include ice breakers and talking subjects to help create conversation. The more participants, the more fun this program will be, and the more relationships will be made.

Please register using the following link:


The program will be every Tuesday at 6:30 PM.

What's a CPA Presentation?

1 Professional Credit

On Wednesday, September 30 from 6:30-7:15 PM we will presenting information about what it means to become a CPA and several ways on how to earn this license. Join us to hear answers to all your CPA


We will have a Becker representative available during this presentation to discuss common study plans Purdue students use.

Additional Credit Opportunities 

Internship Experience Video / Testimonial

(Internship Video- 2 Professional Credits | Testimonial Form- 1 Professional Credit)

Share your internship experience with us! Whether your experience was in-person or virtual, we want to hear about it. Submit a video of yourself telling about your opportunity (preferably 2-5 minutes). Please see attached “Internship Experience Video” document for material guidance in your video. Videos will be posted on our website for members and firms to view.

If you are uncomfortable being on camera but still want to share your experience, please fill out our “Internship Testimonial” document that is attached. When submitting this form, feel free to attach a photo of yourself to be shared on our website along with some of your statements. Submit all pictures, videos, and documents to paaattendance@gmail.com for credit with subject line Internship Experience Video (or Testimonial)_Last Name, First Name.

Course Suggestion PowerPoint Slide

(1 Social Credit)

Scheduling can be tricky to balance- give back to our younger members with your scheduling advice. Create a one-slide PowerPoint with your suggestions on how to manage your academic schedule at Purdue. Please see the attached “Schedule Advice” document with information to include on your slide. 

Submit PowerPoint slides to paaattendance@gmail.com for credit with subject line Course Suggestions_Last Name, First Name.


Course Suggestion PowerPoint Slide Presentation

(1 Social Credit)

We will be having a virtual, member-run presentation to showcase the above slides that are submitted to us. You can gain an additional social credit by submitted a voice-over PowerPoint slide of the above information. Or you can gain the additional credit by presenting live during the virtual meeting. We highly recommend to present during the meeting to practice public speaking in a low-pressure and casual environment.

Submit PowerPoint slides to paaattendance@gmail.com for credit with subject line Course Suggestions

Presentiaton_Last Name, First Name. We will confirm the presentation date in a separate email to you. Date and time TBA.

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