Mackenzie Valles 



E-mail: mvalles@purdue.edu

Major: Accounting & Political Science

Graduation: May 2023 (150)

Hometown: Crown Point, IN

Future plans: Sit for my CPA exam the summer following the completion of my undergrad and then begin working in a specialty tax group in August of 2023. 

Lauren Bromley

Image (1).jpeg

Vice President

E-mail: lbromley@purdue.edu

Major: Accounting

Minor/Concentration: Spanish & Data Analytics

Graduation Date: May 2025 (150)

Hometown: Chesterton, IN

Career Plans: Upon graduation, I will have 150 credit hours. From there, I intend to obtain my CPA license as well as an MBA from an Ivy League school. With those degrees and certifications, I aspire to work in corporate accounting for a consulting firm. 

Joy Li 

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E-mail: lee3876@purdue.edu

Major: Accounting & Finance 

Minor/Concentration: Event and Meeting Management 

Graduation: May 2025

Hometown: Bay Area, CA

Career Plans: Pursue my Master of Science degree in Accounting and get my CPA license. 

Joel Fowerbaugh

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E-mail: jwfowerb@purdue.edu

Major: Accounting

Graduation: May 2025 (150)

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

Career Plans: I am currently on track to finish my bachelor's degree and a spring internship by May 2024. After that, I plan to complete Krannert's MSA program and take the CPA exams shortly afterwards. I then hope to return to my hometown to work in public accounting. 

Natasha Scarlett

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Professional Chair

E-mail: nscarlet@purdue.edu

Major: Accounting & Finance 

Graduation: Fall 2023 

Hometown: Calgary, Canada

Career Plans: Begin working in the Audit Department of a large size firm the summer following my graduation and sit for the CPA exams during my first year.

Kora Drogula

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Technology Chair

E-mail: kdrogula@purdue.edu

Major: Accounting

Minor: Real Estate

Graduation: May 2024 

Hometown: Elkhart, IN

Career Plans: I plan to obtain my degree in Accounting and attend Purdue's Masters program. After which I will work towards taking my CPA exam and eventually work in either tax or audit

Kaushik Selvakumar

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Marketing Chair

E-mail: kselvaku@purdue.com

Major: Accounting & Finance

Graduation: May 2024 

Hometown: Bartlett, IL

Career Plans: I plan on doing the MSA program and sit for the CPA before I enter the workforce. 

Paul Schnaedter

Image (7).jpeg

Social Chair

E-mail: pschnaed@purdue.edu

Major: Finance

Graduation: May 2023

Hometown: Long Grove, IL

Career Plans: I am looking at various potential financial roles from consultant to accounting to financial analyst. I'm also somewhat interested in law at the moment. Following this next summer, I should have what I want to do figured out and have the experience necessary for any of these roles.